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To Whom It May Concern:

A Friend of Bill's Recovery House is a wonderful addition to the community services in Sumner County.

The Court's Probation Department has referred a number of people to the program available there. A Friend of Bills is also assisting the Sumner County Drug Court in providing invaluable services and certainly assisting the Court in devising alternative remedies and treatment rather than incarceration.

Sincerely yours,

John Wesley Jones



July 2, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:


RE: A Friend of Bills (Recovery House)


I have been a Probation Officer for over 23 years and in that time have had countless numbers of Probationers in half-way houses, transitional living, and recovery houses.

My experiences with "a friend of Bills" have been excellent. Mr. Booth and staff keep me informed of the progress of Probationers on a regular basis. I am immediately contacted if there is any change in the Probationer's status with them. Any infraction or any suspected infraction is immediately reported to me so I can inform the Judge and take the appropriate action.

The Probationers who have successfully completed their stay, and even some of the Probationers who have been terminated from the program have the highest praise for Mr. Booth and his recovery house.

If any further information is needed, please feel free to contact me.


Gary Tessar
Probation Officer


To Whom It May Concern;

I am the Criminal Court Judge for the 18th Judicial District in Tennessee (Sumner County). During my tenure as judge, I have sent men with alcohol and drug addictions to the Friend of Bill's Recovery House. The participants in the program remain alcohol and drug free while learning independent living skills and responsibility for their own behaviors.

We are currently operating a Drug Court Program through both the General Sessions Court and the Criminal Court and several of our participants reside at the Recovery House. They are doing very well in the Drug Court Program.

Friend of Bill's Recovery House is a place where addiction is dealt with in a supportive but no-nonsense environment, and the AA program is worked on a daily basis. This court intends to continue referring persons there as it is a good resource in our community.


Jane W. Wheatcraft


To Whom It May Concern:

I have known B. J. Booth for approximately ten years and he is also a good friend of my husbands.

B. J. has always appeared to be active and sincere about his recovery from alcoholism. He is intelligent and resourceful and is capable of a variety of endeavors.


Peggy B.C.


To Any and All Interested Parties:

This is my unsolicited testament to Friend of Bill's Recovery House. Having just reached my first year of sobriety I feel the need to express how invaluable a role Friend of Bill's (F.O.B.) has played in achieving this milestone in my recovery and my life.

Nearing the end of my stay at a treatment facility I decided to follow the suggestions of some successfully sober people I'd met who shared with me their experiences with "half-way" and recovery houses. By God's grace I found F.O.B. My initial fear of finding employment was dispelled with little effort, and transportation to AA/NA meetings was never to difficult to find. I quickly felt at ease in my new home and began developing new habits and routines essential to my recovery.

Now, after living here one year and having talked to many other people with similar experiences, it is absolutely clear that F.O.B. is unlike most other so-called recovery houses. I cannot over-emphasize the fact that every aspect of residency here is designed to focus on recovery from addiction and learning how to live a better life. Particularly impressive is the participation of BJ Booth. The sincere care and concern shown by BJ to each individual, as well as the house as a group, is tireless and quite remarkable.

In summary, I can say with almost absolute certainty that I would not have remained sober if it were not for the structured living environment provided by Friend of Bill's Recovery House and the effort of BJ Booth in helping me understand the nature of my problem and helping me lay the foundation for a better life.



Scott R. E.



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