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Services, Costs and Policies

We believe that it is insane to expect an alcoholic or addict to amend the alcohol or drug driven behavior without the benefit of a spiritual awakening therefore, each resident signs a recovery contract that includes working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) with a sponsor.

Our Services

When clients first move into the recovery house, they are directed to agencies  that can provide emergency food supplies and are encouraged to sign up for state food stamp programs. This helps until they can gain employment and get on their feet. We also direct clients to the temporary employment agencies where they can usually obtain initial employment.

At A Friend of Bill's, we are very active with our recovery houses. Staff members attend the house meetings which are held two times a week. We visit the houses every other day to provide assistance, answer questions, solve problems and attend to those issues which require our input. We also offer rides to meetings when someone from the staff is attending, but we do encourage the clients to build a support group and get phone numbers of other AA and NA participants who are usually eager to help. We also have house managers and monitors with six months to a year of sobriety that live on premises and aid our new clients whenever possible.

Every client participates in our recovery process, "Working The 12 Step Program", because they choose to. It is a great experience living with a group of men who are working hard to practice recovery.

The Costs Involved

The initial cost to move into Friend of Bill's recovery houses in TN is normally $285. This includes first week's service fees of $125.00 and last week of client commitment of $125 and a one time processing fee of $35. After that client will pay $125 weekly.  The initial cost to move into Friend of Bill's recovery houses in KY and the women's recovery home in Lebanon, Tn is normally $235. This includes first weeks service fees of $100 and the last week of client commitment and a one time processing fee of $35. After that clients pay $100 weekly. Once a month there is a $10.00 charge for cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous expenses.

Court Ordered Clients

Some of the clients at A Friend of Bill's are placed with us through the court system and arrive under a condition of house arrest. We would like to assure area courts, judges and probation officers that these clients are closely monitored. The following special polices apply to such clients:

  1. All clients under restriction are required to document their time away from the house. They must sign out, indicating the date, time and purpose for leaving. When they return, they must sign back in.  We have special forms for this purpose.
  2. Restricted clients are required to attend daily AA or NA meetings. We have meeting forms that must be signed by the chairperson indicating meeting time, date, group name and subject. As we are heavily involved with all of the local recovery organizations, we can easily verify that meetings were actually attended.
  3. If requested, we will perform random drug testing on restricted clients if the testing kits are provided by the court. Alternatively, we can perform occasional tests at a charge of $15.00 per test.
  4. We have a employment verification form that must be completed by the restricted clients once they have obtained a job. Information on this form includes place of employment, phone number, supervisors name and extension and normal work hours. This information is an additional tool for tracking clients daily activities and a means for quickly contacting them in case of emergency.

Each of our houses has one or two managers and also house monitors that work with the clients to ensure rules are being followed and required documentation is being completed.

Additional Questions

For additional information about our recovery program, policies or costs, please submit our contact form.


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